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FREE Electronic diagnostic testing

Electronic diagnostic test

Electronic diagnostic testing is FREE on any of our regular service programmes saving you £38 per time!

Some years ago it was very noticeable that many customers reduced the servicing on their vehicles and in some cases stopped servicing altogether. This was understandable as everybody was feeling the effects of the financial crisis and banking problems. However, about 8 months later we suddenly became aware of another trend and that was many vehicles which had reduced servicing were now being brought into the workshops with running problems and component failures.

It became clear to us that lack of servicing was the cause of many of these failures, especially so after a very wet period. It then came to our notice that the repairs for these problems often cost more to rectify than it would have done to have the vehicle serviced regularly. This is without taking into account the inconvenience of being without your car or having to wait for a recovery vehicle to come and collect it.

We all know prevention is better than cure, so to help to keep your car on the road and reduce your yearly maintenance costs, N E Vehicle Repairs are prepared to carry out a computer diagnostic test and report free of charge if you have a running problem in between servicing. A computer diagnostic test is usually charged to our customers at £ 38.00 plus V.A.T., whereas, many garages and dealerships charge £ 80.00 plus V.A.T. So you can see that this can be a considerable saving it that warning light comes on your instrument cluster to say you have a problem.

All you need to do to be included in this special offer is to service your vehicle on a regular service programme of a main service and 12 month / 12,000 mile intervals and an intermediate service at 6 month / 6,000 miles after.

With this regular service programme we are happy to offer you this FREE diagnostic check and report any time between services. This is simply because we would prefer you to have a safe and reliable vehicle on the road, rather than spend the yearly vehicle budget on testing and repairs.

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