Car engine close-up

I would like to book the car in for a service but what can I do while you do the service?

You are welcome to wait in our reception area, read a magazine and have a cup of coffee. If its a nice day, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk into plymouth city centre, you could walk down to the aquarium or go across the pedestrian bridge at the lock and take a look around the Barbican. If you want something closer, the Barbican Leisure complex is just a couple of minutes away.

I have purchased a new car, are you able to service it for me even though it is still under warranty?

Yes, we can service the vehicle for you. We will use parts and oils that are equal to or better than the parts the manufacturer provides. In fact we prefer to use genuine parts when a vehicle is still under warranty and we always ensure the correct oil is used as we know how important it is.

Do you need to renew the brake fluid at my next service?

The answer to this is simple. Brake fluid attracts moisture and can contaminate brake fluid if it is not kept in a sealed container. However it is not all bad news, as we now have special electronic testers that allow us to be able to tell you if the brake fluid requires changing or not. We can even tell you the percentage of moisture in the brake fluid.

Do you think I will need to service the car, I have only done low mileage since the last service?

My best advice is to service the car, low mileage usually means short journeys. This prevents the oil getting hot and burning off impurities, acids build up in the oil and I have seen this eat its way through big end and crankshaft soft metal bearings. Even just an intermediate service can allow us to check to ensure no small problem is going to turn into a major headache.

Do you have a loan car we can use?

Yes, we loan you a car while we service or repair yours. Please contact us in advance to ensure one is available.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work/ products?

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months/12000 miles. All parts are covered for 12 months 12000 miles. However on some components we are able to provide cover for 24 or 36 months.