Looking after your car

Headlight close-up

Prevention is better than cure! Although we at N E Vehicle Repairs enjoy looking after your car for you, there are many minor but important checks you can carry out yourself, that will not only save you a great deal of money, but will also make your motoring safer and more reliable.

You would be amazed at how many times a customer comes in, with their unhealthy sounding vehicle, usually looking very upset and stressed, only to find that the problem had been noticed several days earlier. When we explain that a simple check and top up of perhaps the cooling system or oil level would have prevented the breakdown or failure. These magic words of “I’ve been meaning to check that’s for weeks” can be heard.

The simple truth is that motoring isn’t cheap any more. So when you have a quiet period at a weekend, have a look at your handbook and under the bonnet of your car and see how many things you can check. This should be done once a week, but even occasionally is better than not at all. Many of our customers who have regular services visit us perhaps once a month and ask us to check their tyre pressures and levels for them. We are more than happy to do this free of charge and you are invited even invited to take a look under the bonnet with us and have a look around.

The added bonus for customers who are having their vehicles serviced with us regularly is that all oils and fluids will be free of charge when topping up. So please don’t be afraid to come in and see us!