Oils and Lubricants

Motor oil

We now find ourselves stocking a vast variety of oils and lubricants. Not so many years ago the majority of vehicles from different manufacturers would be using the same viscosity and grade of oil. This is no longer the case. Even vehicles with the same engine do not necessarily use the same oils. This is often depending on the type of emission control system fitted to your vehicle. If you are unsure, please call in and ask! We purchase most of our oil in bulk, which reduces its cost. We are happy to supply you with the correct oil at the right price, be it as part of your service with us or in a container for you to use for topping up.

I won’t bore you with the specifications of all the oils; however, it is important to understand that modern oils are very light compared to oils you may have used on your previous vehicle. The protection these oils give is fantastic, however the downside of these superior oils is that the, however the downside of these superior oils is that they tend to burn away quicker than the older, thicker lubricants. This should be a fair trade off as your engine will last much longer and will be much more economical with the newer oils.

The important thing is to remember to check the oil level, particularly before going on a longer journey. Remember, if you can’t check it, we are happy to check it for you!